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11 Adding your own artwork
Adding your
own artwork
In this section:
For many of your documents, the pictures you already have and those
Inserting a shape
that you can find on the Internet are all you need to illustrate your text.
Some documents, though, need unique drawings. They might involve data
specific to your company or some research that you have done, or maybe
you just want to show your artistic talent.
Changing the appearance of a shape
Building charts to display data
Creating SmartArt diagrams
Adding WordArt effects
Microsoft Word 2013 provides you with a wide range of tools for creating
new artwork. The Shapes gallery includes basic lines and geometric shapes
as well as arrows, flowchart symbols, and callout balloons. You can use
the Chart tool to present numeric data and time series in many variations.
With the SmartArt feature, you can create organization charts, process
diagrams, and various kinds of lists. The WordArt feature helps you to turn
text into artwork by adding fills, shadows, three-dimensional effects, and
other formatting.
Whenever you select a graphic object (a shape, a chart, a SmartArt
graphic, or WordArt) in your document, the ribbon displays a contextual
tab that presents specific tools for working with that type of object. Each
type of object is also accompanied by one or more buttons on its right
side, which you can click to open panes containing formatting controls.
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