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Inserting a shape
Inserting a shape
You can use the Shapes button gallery to draw almost anything
you can think of, from simple lines and arrows to clouds, scrolls,
and complicated geometric shapes. Most of the shapes can
contain text, and you can add shading or a picture to a shape’s
In Word 2013, a text box is a special kind of shape object. The
Draw Text Box command appears on the Insert tab, both at the
bottom of the Text Box button gallery and in the Basic Shapes
section of the Shapes button gallery. Unlike other shape objects,
a text box can be linked to another text box so that text will
flow from one text box to the other.
Draw a shape
1 Click in your document at the location where you want to insert a
2 On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click Shapes.
3 Click the object in the Shapes button gallery that appears closest to
the object you intend to draw. Each kind of shape can be stretched
or squeezed both horizontally and vertically after you insert it. For
example, the oval tool can make a circle, and the rectangle tool can
make a square.
Conveniently, if you have used any of the tools before, they might
appear in the Recently Used Shapes section of the gallery.
sEE ALso For more information about text boxes, see
“Inserting text boxes” on page 196.
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