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Inserting a shape
4 Drag the special cursor to draw the shape.
If the shape is a single line or arrow, drag the cursor from the start-
ing point to the end. Otherwise, drag the cursor diagonally from
one corner of the shape to the opposite corner. The shape expands
until you release the mouse button (or, on a touch-enabled device,
until you lift your finger).
If you want a line or arrow to be restricted to multiples of 45
degrees, hold the Shift key while you drag the cursor. For other
shapes, hold the Shift key while you drag the cursor to keep the
shape’s height and width equal, as for a circle or a square.
TRY ThIs To draw a smooth curve by using the Curve tool,
click and release at the start of the curve, click at the middle of
the curve, and then double-click at the end of the curve. To draw a
shape that includes both straight lines and curves by using the
Freeform tool, click at the start and end of each straight edge or drag
the cursor to draw a curved edge. Using the Scribble tool, drag the
cursor as if you’re drawing with a pencil.
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