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Changing the appearance of a shape
5 If you want to add effects such as a shadow, a reflection, glowing
or softened edges, or three-dimensional (3-D) appearance, on the
Drawing Tools | Format contextual tab, in the Shape Styles group,
click Shape Effects. Click the name of an effect and then click a
thumbnail in the list.
TIP If a shape’s fill color is set to No Fill, to select the shape,
you must click the shape’s outline, not its interior. When the
cursor is in the correct location to select a shape, the cursor changes to
a four-way arrow.
TRY ThIs To save time, you can change the default format for
shapes that you later insert in the same document. After you
choose the format for the first shape, right-click the shape and then, on
the shortcut menu that appears, click Set As Default Shape. This choice
of default format doesn’t affect any other documents.
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