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Exploring the ribbon
Exploring the ribbon
The ribbon is the broad swath of tabs and command buttons
that occupies the top of the Word window. As you click each of
the tabs, the ribbon displays the items in that category. Some
buttons invoke commands that take effect immediately when
you click them, whereas others open a gallery of items from
which you can choose.
When you select certain kinds of objects in a document—for
example, a header, a picture, or a table—the ribbon displays
a contextual tab that contains commands specific to that type
of object. The contextual tab stays visible only as long as the
object remains selected.
Find common commands
1 Click each of the tabs in turn.
2 Point to each command button on the displayed ribbon and read
the name and short description of the command in the ToolTip that
3 If the command button shows a downward-pointing triangular
arrow (also referred to as a down-arrow), click the arrow to view its
associated gallery.
TRY THIS To get more space for the document, you can
collapse the ribbon to just the row of tabs. Double-click any tab
to minimize the ribbon; do the same to expand it once again. Sin-
gle-click a tab on the minimized ribbon to open that tab. The ribbon
automatically minimizes again when you click a command button.
TIP Many galleries end with one or more menu items, which
you should explore, as well.
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