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Changing the appearance of a shape
Add text to a shape
1 Click a shape in your document to select it.
2 Right-click the shape. On the shortcut menu that appears, click Add
Tex t.
3 Type the text at the insertion point inside the shape.
4 If you want to rotate the text or change its alignment, on the
Drawing Tools | Format contextual tab, in the Text group, click Text
Direction or Align Text and then click an item in the list.
group multiple shapes
1 Select two or more shapes (which must be on the same page of the
document) that you want to combine into a single object.
If you’re selecting just a few shapes, press and hold the Ctrl key
while you click each of the shapes in turn. If you need to select
many shapes, or shapes that overlap each other, on the Home tab,
in the Editing group, click Select and then click Select Objects. Then,
drag a rectangle on the page to surround all the shapes that you
want to select.
2 On the Drawing Tools | Format contextual tab, in the Arrange
group, click Group and then click the Group command.
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