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Changing the appearance of a shape
Edit points in a shape
1 Click a shape in your document to select it.
2 On the Drawing Tools | Format contextual tab, in the Insert Shapes
group, click Edit Shape and then click Edit Points.
3 You can drag any of the black squares ( points ) on the shape’s out-
line to change the shape. You can drag the white squares ( handles )
attached to the point to change the curvature of the outline.
You can click at any place on the outline to add a new point. You
can right-click a point and then click an option on the shortcut
menu that opens, which include deleting the point, opening the
path at that point, or changing the path at that point to a smooth
curve, a straight line, or a corner.
When you have made the needed changes, click outside the shape
or press the Esc key to exit the shape editing mode.
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