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Building charts to display data
3 In the list on the left side of the Insert Chart dialog box, click the
kind of chart that you want to create. Then, in the panel across the
top of the dialog box, click the thumbnail that shows the variation
you want.
4 In the chart’s data sheet, type the numeric data and any column
and row headings that you want to include in the chart.
If you already have the data in a Word table or in an Excel work-
sheet, select the table or the portion of the worksheet and copy the
data to the clipboard. Then, click in the upper-left cell (A1) of the
data sheet of the chart in your Word document, and press Ctrl+V to
paste the contents of the clipboard into the data sheet.
TRY ThIs Click the Chart Tools | Design contextual tab. In the
Data group, click the down-arrow on the Edit Data button.
Then, either click Edit Data to open the chart’s data sheet in Word or
click Edit Data in Excel 2013 to open a worksheet containing the chart’s
data. Modify the data as needed and then close the data sheet or
worksheet to see the revised chart.
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