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Creating SmartArt diagrams
Creating smartArt diagrams
If you’re creating an organization chart, documenting a process,
or describing the relationships of ideas, the SmartArt feature
in Word 2013 can help you to produce a diagram that is both
informative and attractive.
insert the starting diagram in the document, you can add more
shapes, rearrange them, and enter text and pictures to com-
plete the picture.
The fonts, colors, and effects used in SmartArt diagrams come
from the theme applied to your document. By selecting another
theme, you can instantly change the look of all the SmartArt
along with the text and headings of the document.
The Choose A SmartArt Graphic dialog box offers a broad
assortment of shapes and arrangements, and the preview
pane includes suggestions of uses for each selection. After you
Insert a diagram
1 Click in your document at the location where you want to insert a
2 On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click SmartArt.
3 In the panel on the left side of the Choose A SmartArt Graphic
dialog box, you can click one of the entries to show only a small
group of layouts in the center panel. If you prefer to display the
entire list of layouts in the center panel, at the top of the left panel,
you can click All .
In the panel in the center of the Choose A SmartArt Graphic dialog
box, click one of the layouts to display its preview in the right panel.
Each layout’s preview includes a description of the kinds of informa-
tion for which that layout is best suited. Some layouts consist of just
shapes and text, and other layouts can also include pictures.
5 When you have selected the layout that you want, click OK.
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