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Exploring the ribbon
use a contextual tab
1 Click the Insert tab.
2 In the Header & Footer group, click Header.
3 At the bottom of the gallery, click Edit Header.
4 Explore the Header & Footer Tools | Design contextual tab, which
appears only while the cursor is in the header or footer pane.
hide the ribbon
1 In the upper-right corner of the Word window, click the Ribbon
Display Options icon.
2 Click the Auto-Hide ribbon item.
cursor in
If you want to display the ribbon to use just a few commands, in the
upper-right corner, click the three dots.
When you click in the document text, the ribbon automatically
hides again.
4 If you want to show the entire ribbon all the time or to show just
the tabs, click the Ribbon Display Options icon again and click the
option that you want.
sEE ALso For information about putting your favorite tools in
more convenient locations on the ribbon, see “Creating a
custom tab or group on the ribbon” on page 423 and “Adding tools to
a custom group” on page 426.
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