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Adding WordArt effects
Format WordArt
1 Click a WordArt object in your document to select it.
2 If you want to change the font or the font size of the WordArt text,
first select the text. Right-click the text and use the tools on the
mini toolbar (or in the font group on the Home tab) to make the
3 If you want to change the colors in the WordArt’s letters, first select
the text. On the Drawing Tools contextual tab, in the WordArt
Styles group, click Text Fill or Text Outline and then, in the galleries
that open, click the colors that you want.
TIP Dragging the handles on the sides and corners of the box
around the WordArt object doesn’t change the font size, but it
does affect the wrapping of text around the object. Resizing the box
can also be useful for changing the number of lines that the WordArt
sEE ALso For more information about formatting the fill and
outline, see “Change a shape’s outline and fill” on page 300.
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