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12 Mailing paper or pixels
Mailing paper
or pixels
In this section:
One of the most common uses of Microsoft Word 2013 is the creation
Printing a single envelope
of documents that are to be sent to other people. The documents
might be printed on paper and mailed in an envelope, or they might be
attached to an email message. They can be generated one at a time or
built in large numbers from information in a worksheet or a database.
Printing multiple copies of an envelope
Changing envelope address formatting
Creating mailing labels and business
The mail merge feature in Word 2013 has many more uses than just mail-
ing letters. Any task that involves a standard format that you want to pop-
ulate with many pieces of information is a candidate for a merge. Think of
name labels for a meeting, certificates for completing a course, a catalog
of items for sale, or a voter registration list—any of these could be created
with an appropriate mail merge.
Sending a document by email
Starting a mail merge
Choosing the recipients
Adding merge fields
Adding information with rules
Finishing the merge
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