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Printing a single envelope
Printing a single envelope
If you’re addressing a letter, a greeting card, or other one-time
item, you might want to print the envelope but not save it for
future use. Word 2013 includes predefined layouts for many
common envelope sizes, and you can define a custom size if
Address an envelope and print
1 If you’re addressing a letter that contains the recipient’s address,
open the letter document. Otherwise, open any document (such as
the default blank document).
If you create an envelope while the cursor is in a letter document,
and if the document starts with up to four single-line paragraphs
that are left-aligned, those paragraphs will automatically appear
as the delivery address in the Envelope dialog box. If you want to
determine which paragraphs will appear in the Envelope dialog box,
select those paragraphs in the letter document before you launch
the dialog box.
2 On the Mailings tab, in the Create group, click Envelopes.
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