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Printing multiple copies of an envelope
Printing multiple copies of an envelope
You might need to print several copies of the same envelope at
one time, for instance as self-addressed envelopes to include
with items to be returned to you. The Print button in the Enve-
lopes And Labels dialog box can print only one copy at a time,
so you need a different approach.
In Word 2013, you can add the envelope to the current docu-
ment and save it as part of the document’s file. The envelope
appears as page 0 in a new Section 1 at the beginning of the
document, formatted with the page size and margins appro-
priate for the envelope. Then, you can use the Print command
in the Backstage view, which offers a setting for the number of
copies to print.
Add an envelope to a document
1 If you’re addressing a letter that contains the recipient’s address,
open the letter document. Otherwise, open any document (such as
the default blank document).
2 On the Mailings tab, in the Create group, click Envelopes.
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