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Creating mailing labels and business cards
5 Click the option button that describes the type of printer attached
to your computer. (Laser printers and most inkjet printers are page
printers; dot-matrix printers are usually continuous-feed printers.)
If the printer has more than one input tray, select the one that con-
tains the label paper.
6 If the Label Vendors list box doesn’t display the manufacturer of the
label paper that you’re using, click the box and select the correct
7 If the item selected in the Product Number list box doesn’t match
the label paper’s description, select the correct item.
8 Click OK.
9 In the Print section of the Envelopes And Labels dialog box, click
either the Full Page Of The Same Label option or the Single Label
option, as needed.
If you select Single Label, you can specify the row and column in
which to print the address. This is useful if you’re printing on a sheet
of label paper that is already partially used.
10 Click the Print button.
TIP The entries in the Product Number list box are in alpha-
betical order, not numeric order. That is, all the entries that
begin with the digit 1 precede the first entry that begins with the digit
2, regardless of how many digits are in each number.
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