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Creating mailing labels and business cards
8 In the Envelopes And Labels dialog box, click the option button for
Full Page Of The Same Label, and then click New Document.
9 The new document contains a table in which each cell’s height
and width match those of the cards in the selected card stock. The
table’s borders are set not to print. If you don’t see the table cells,
on the Table Tools | Layout contextual tab, in the Table group, click
View Gridlines.
10 In the upper-left cell of the table, insert the text and graphics that
you want on your business card.
11 Select the entire upper-left cell of the table and copy it to the clip-
board (shortcut, Ctrl+C).
It’s helpful to display nonprinting characters by clicking the Show/
Hide ¶ button in the Paragraph group on the Home tab. This way,
you can see and select everything in the cell, including the cell
marker (¤).
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