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Using built-in keyboard shortcuts
using built-in keyboard shortcuts
With all the command buttons on the ribbon and those that
you can add to the Quick Access Toolbar, it’s tempting to reach
for the mouse for almost every action you can do in Word.
However, for those folks who more often use a keyboard and
mouse to input a lot of text, it’s much quicker to use keyboard
Word 2013 has two separate sets of shortcuts: one set reflects
the names of the command buttons on the ribbon, whereas the
other set—also used by older versions of Word—covers more
commands and is customizable.
use keyboard shortcuts
1 Press and release the Alt key to display keytips .
Keytips are letters and numbers that represent the ribbon tabs and
the buttons on the Quick Access Toolbar. Press the letter for the tab
that you want, and more keytips appear for the commands on that
2 Press the letter or letters for the command that you want.
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