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Adding merge fields
3 If you want, apply character formatting to some of the merge fields
in the main document, either directly or by using a character style.
You can right-click a merge field in the main document and click
Toggle Field Codes to display the complete field code. Then, you
can insert formatting switches to control the appearance of the
results in the output. For information about inserting formatting
switches, see “Controlling field formatting by using switches” on
page 205.
4 If you selected a label merge, on the Mailings tab, in the Write &
Insert Fields group, click Update Labels. This copies the merge fields
and text that you entered in the upper-left cell of the table into all
the other cells.
TRY ThIs On the Mailings tab, in the Write & Insert Fields
group, click either Address Block or Greeting Line to insert
special merge fields. These merge fields combine data from several
columns of the recipient’s record. When you insert one of these fields,
Word displays a dialog box in which you can select options for the
formatting of the output. If you use either of these merge fields, be
sure to preview the results for every recipient and correct any unex-
pected output.
CAuTIon If the style applied to the merge fields includes
paragraph formatting with extra space before or after the
paragraphs, the lines might be spaced too widely. This particularly
affects label and envelope merges, in which addresses with more than
three or four lines might not fit. If necessary, apply another style such
as No Spacing to the main document.
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