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Finishing the merge
Finishing the merge
When the main document contains all of the merge fields, other
fields, text, and graphics needed to prepare the output, it’s time
to perform the final steps. Because of the length and complexity
of the setup, you should first examine a preview to ensure that
everything is in place. When you’re confident of the correct-
ness of the document and the sorting and filtering of the data
source, you can run the final merge.
Merge to special outputs
1 On the Mailings tab, in the Preview Results group, click Preview
Results. If you selected a label merge, the preview shows the
pages of labels. For any other kind of merge, the preview shows
the output for only one recipient at a time. You can use the arrow
buttons in the Preview Results group to display previews of the rest
of the output.
If unwanted information appears in any of the previews or infor-
mation is missing, click Preview Results to turn it off. Then, edit the
main document or the records in the data source to correct the
problem and repeat the preview.
TIP If you preview a label merge and only the first recipient’s
label appears, you have skipped the step of clicking the Update
Labels button (step 4 in “Insert merge fields in the document” on page
342 ).
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