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13 Reviewing documents
In this section:
When you prepare a document with input from many coworkers,
Adding comments
you might use any of several methods. In one style, each person
works alone on one or a few sections. Then somebody puts all the pieces
together, smooths out differences in formatting and writing style, and
publishes the result. Another method involves writing a draft, passing it
around for review and comments, and editing the document to resolve
any questions.
Showing and hiding comments
Tracking changes
Showing and hiding tracked changes
Setting options for tracked changes
Accepting and rejecting changes
The Comments and Track Changes features provided by Microsoft Word
2013 are ideal for multiple rounds of reviews, and the new Simple Markup
view makes even heavily revised documents more readable.
Comparing reviewed versions
Merging reviewed versions
In another scenario, perhaps your workflow results in several copies of the
same document from different reviewers, with or without change tracking.
The Compare and Combine features can pull together those multiple ver-
sions into a single document so that you can see all the changes at once.
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