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Adding comments
Adding comments
If you send your document out for review, you or the other
Word users can insert comments that don’t become part of the
text. In Word 2013, you can also reply to a comment as you
might in an email conversation. When you’ve settled the issue
raised by a comment, you can delete the comment or you can
mark the comment as completed. The completed comment
and its replies remain in the document as a record of the issue’s
Insert a comment
1 On the Review tab, in the Comments group, click New Comment.
2 Type your comment under your name in the Comments balloon.
TIP To remove a comment, click it, and then on the Review
tab, in the Comments group, click Delete.
TRY THIS If your Office 2013 installation includes Microsoft
OneNote, you can type notes in OneNote about your Word
document. OneNote automatically links the note to the current
location your document. To make a note in OneNote, select the Review
tab in Word and click Linked Notes.
TIP If you use a tablet or a drawing pad, you can click Ink
Comment and handwrite or draw your comment.
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