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Adding comments
Reply to a comment
1 Click the reply icon at the right side of the Comment balloon.
2 Type your reply in the Comment balloon under your name.
3 To mark a comment as completed, right-click the Comment balloon
and click Mark Comment Done.
TRY THIS When you’re reviewing your own documents, you
might want to show some of your comments with a different
color as a way of separating comments into categories. You can do this
by slightly changing your user name in Word. On the Review tab, in the
lower-right corner of the Tracking group, click the dialog box launcher
(the small arrow). In the Track Changes Options dialog box, click
Change User Name. In the User Name box, add a digit or other text to
your user name. Select the Always Use These Values Regardless Of Sign
In To Office check box and then click OK. Add a new comment or reply
to an existing comment. (Don’t forget to change back to your real user
name after adding your comments.)
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