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Showing and hiding tracked changes
showing and hiding tracked changes
When you’re revising a document, you’ll want to show the
details for tracked changes to decide which ones to keep or
reject. Conversely, when you just want to read a document
without distraction, you can use the new Simple Markup view to
hide the lines and balloons, leaving just an unobtrusive change
bar in the margin.
Whichever markup view you select, you can list all the changes
and comments in the Reviewing Pane. Double-clicking an entry
in that pane moves the cursor to the location in the document
so that you can navigate quickly through the changes.
View all markup or simple markup
1 On the Review tab, at the top of the Tracking group, click the drop-
down list and select All Markup, if it isn’t already selected.
2 At the top of the Tracking group, click the drop-down list and select
Simple Markup. Click any change bar to return to All Markup view.
TIP When many reviewers have added changes to the
document, you can show the changes from only one or a
selected few of them. On the Review tab, in the Tracking group, click
Show Markup, point to Specific People, and then clear the check boxes
next to the names of reviewers whose changes you want to hide.
CAuTIon When tracked changes and comments are hidden,
they’re still stored in the document and can be seen by anyone
who receives a copy of the document. In some cases, that can be
extremely embarrassing! Before you send out final copies of your
document, use the procedures in “Accepting and rejecting changes” on
page 358 to remove all changes and comments.
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