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Setting options for Track Changes
4 In the Markup section of the Advanced Track Changes Options
dialog box, select the color and formatting you want to use for
insertions and deletions, the location of the change lines, and the
color of the shading applied to commented text.
You can choose the same color for all reviewers, or you can let
Word choose a different color for each reviewer.
5 In the Moves, Table Cell Highlighting, and Formatting sections,
choose the way you want those types of changes to appear. If you
prefer not to track Moves and Formatting at all, clear their check
6 In the Balloons section, set the width of the column in which bal-
loons are shown, the margin at which you want balloons to appear,
and whether you want a line leading from each balloon to its corre-
sponding change in the document.
For a document in portrait orientation, you can instruct Word
to print in landscape orientation to avoid compressing the text
7 Click OK.
TIP Whether you set a specific color for changes by all
reviewers or select By Author, that setting applies only on your
computer. Other reviewers who open the document will see colors
according to their settings. You can’t be sure that a particular color will
be assigned to a specific reviewer on other computers.
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