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Accepting and rejecting changes
Accepting and rejecting changes
If a document contains tracked changes, all the information
about each change will stay in the document until you accept
or reject the change. Setting the markup view or the options
so that you can’t see the changes only hides them—it doesn’t
remove them. Anyone else who opens the document can easily
show the changes again. That isn’t necessarily a good thing.
For example, you might not want a client to see that you copied
part of a report for another client and just changed the names.
To protect yourself against such possibly embarrassing situa-
tions, you must review the changes and accept or reject them
before you send your documents to others.
Accept or reject changes
1 Open a document that has been reviewed. If it’s a Read-Only docu-
ment, save it with a different name or in a different folder.
2 On the Review tab, in the Tracking group, ensure that Track
Changes is not selected. If it is selected, click Track Changes to turn
it off.
3 At the top of the Tracking group, click the drop-down list and select
All Markup, if it isn’t already selected.
4 Click Next or Previous in the Changes group to locate a change,
or click a change in the text or in a balloon. Select Accept to make
the change permanent, or Reject to remove the change. Continue
clicking Accept or Reject until you’ve handled all the changes in the
Instead of working through the changes one at a time, you can click
the bottom half of Accept or Reject and choose one of the other
actions from the menu.
The Accept All Changes and Reject All Changes actions affect all the
changes in the document at once. If you first use the Show Markup
menu to hide some types of changes, the Accept All Changes
Shown and Reject All Changes Shown actions affect only the
changes that haven’t been hidden.
sEE ALso For information about comparing two versions of
the same document and marking the differences between them,
see “Comparing reviewed versions” on page 359.
sEE ALso For information about ensuring that the document
doesn’t contain any revisions or comments, see “Using the
Document Inspector” on page 392.
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