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Merging reviewed versions
Merging reviewed versions
If you’ve sent your document to several reviewers who edited it
separately, but with Track Changes turned on, you can use the
Combine feature to merge the versions into one document with
marked changes. You can then use the merged document to
prepare a final version.
Merge reviews
1 On the Review tab, in the Compare group, click Compare and
choose Combine in the gallery.
2 Specify the first document containing review changes by clicking
the down-arrow and selecting from the list of recently used docu-
ments, or you can select the folder icon to browse for another file.
In the same way, specify the second document containing changes.
3 In each Label Unmarked Changes With text box, type a name or
other text to identify the source of the changes in the correspond-
ing version of the document.
4 If the dialog box isn’t expanded, click More.
5 Leave the check boxes selected in the Comparison settings section
for only the types of changes that you want to have marked in the
result of the combination.
6 Choose whether the combination will be made character by charac-
ter or word by word. Also, choose where the changes will be shown.
You can choose for the changes to appear in one or the other of the
documents being combined, or in a new third document.
7 Click OK and save the combined document.
TIP When you combine documents, the result can contain
formatting changes from only one of them. If Word detects
formatting changes in either source document, a dialog box gives you
a choice of which set of formatting changes to keep in the result.
TIP You can combine only two documents at a time. If you
have several reviewed versions to combine, first combine two of
them and then combine the result with a third reviewed version, and
so on.
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