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Sharing with SkyDrive
3 In the Send A Link pane, to send a link to a shared folder or file
by email to another user, enter an email address. You can add a
description and choose options for the sharing permissions. Click
Share to send the email.
4 To post a link on a social network that you’ve connected to your
Microsoft Account, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, click Post
To and then, in the Post On A Social Network pane, select the check
box next to the desired service. Click Post to post the link.
5 To display a direct link that you can copy and then paste on a web-
page or other location, click Get A Link and then, in the Get A Link
To pane, click Create or Make Public under the desired permission
type. Press Ctrl+C to copy the link to the clipboard. Click Done to
dismiss the pane.
TIP When a Microsoft Account is connected to Office on your
computer, you can use the Share tab of the Backstage view to save
to SkyDrive and send invitations to other users directly from Word 2013.
TIP When a long address appears in the Get A Link pane, you
can click Shorten to create a shorter alias that leads to the real
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