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Working with coauthors
Working with coauthors
When you share a document on SkyDrive or a SharePoint server
with other users, any or all of those people can edit the doc-
ument simultaneously by using Word 2010, Word 2013, Word
for Mac 2011, or Word Web App. A coauthoring session can
be much more interactive than the traditional edit-and-review
cycle that was required when only one person at a time could
open the document.
Word notifies you when others are editing the same document.
The program locks each paragraph in which one of the coau-
thors is actively making changes, but you can continue to edit
anywhere else in the document.
View the list of active authors
1 When you open a shared document and a coauthor begins to edit
the same document—and again when a coauthor stops editing—an
alert appears briefly to let you know who is working with you.
2 To see a list of the active coauthors, in the status bar, click the
Number Of Authors Editing indicator.
TIP In Word 2013 on the desktop, the alert appears in the
lower-left portion of the window, above the Number Of
Authors Editing indicator. In Word Web App, the alert appears in the
upper-right portion of the window, below the ribbon.
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