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Working with coauthors
View changes made by other authors
1 Edit the file as you normally would. When you make a change in a
paragraph, a dashed line appears next to that paragraph to show
what text you have locked. Paragraphs being edited by others are
marked with a solid line.
2 Save the document frequently to send your changes to SkyDrive so
that the coauthors can see them and to synchronize your copy with
the changes made by the coauthors. When you save the document,
any paragraphs that you edited become unlocked.
Changes made by others are highlighted with pale-green shading.
TIP To temporarily prevent any coauthors from editing part of
the document while you work on it in Word 2013, select the
text to protect and then, on the Review tab, in the Protect group, click
Block Authors. To release the text, click Block Authors again and then
save the document. The Block Authors command is not available in
Word Web App.
TIP Coauthors using Word Web App can see an indicator in
the status bar when the Tracked Changes feature is turned on,
and any changes they make will be tracked, but they can’t turn Tracked
Changes off or on.
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