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Presenting a document online
2 Click the Start Presentation button.
As you scroll through the document, the copies in the attendees’
browsers will scroll correspondingly.
3 If you need to make changes in the document during the presen-
tation, on the Present Online tab, in the Present Online group, click
Edit. When the changes are complete, click the Resume button in
the Online Presentation Paused banner.
4 When the session is completed, on the Present Online tab, in the
Present Online group, click End Online Presentation. In the prompt,
click End Online Presentation.
The attendees see a black screen that displays the message “The
presentation has ended”.
TIP One type of change that you can make is to add com-
ments by clicking the Review tab and clicking New Comment.
The attendees see a comment balloon in the right margin of the
document, which they can click to read the contents in the Comments
CAUTION Some email programs insert a line break in the
middle of the very long URL of the presentation, so clicking the
link doesn’t work. If this happens, instruct the attendees to copy the
entire URL and paste it into the address box of their browsers.
TIP The presentation service doesn’t offer audio, and it
doesn’t notify you when attendees join or leave the session. It’s
important to set up an audio conferencing session to accompany the
Word presentation. An alternative is to use Microsoft Lync for your
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