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Editing a PDF document
Editing a PDF document
In Word 2013, you can open a PDF file, get the text and pic-
tures from it, and display it as an editable document. That’s
convenient when you need to reuse material that is available
only in the normally uneditable PDF form.
open a PDF file in Word
1 Click File and then click Open.
2 Click Computer or your SkyDrive account and then click Browse.
3 Click the file-type drop-down list.
4 Click PDF Files (*.pdf).
5 Select the document that you want and then click Open.
TIP If the document content appears but isn’t editable, the
PDF file contains a picture of the text instead of the text itself.
Word can’t convert pictures to text (this a process called Optical
Character Recognition or OCR), but Microsoft OneNote might be able
to do that for you.
TIP After you edit the document, you can save it as either a
Word document file or a PDF file.
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