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Adding trusted locations and trusted publishers
Adding trusted locations and trusted publishers
Some documents and templates might have active content
(macros, ActiveX controls, data connections, and so forth).
Although this content is often very useful, it can also be used
for malicious purposes. When you open a document with
active content or start a new document based on a template
with active content, the default behavior of Word is to disable
the active content and notify you on the message bar.
Another way to avoid disabling active content is to designate a
particular source as a trusted publisher . When a software devel-
oper creates a macro, ActiveX control, or other active content,
the developer can apply a digital signature to the code. That
signature contains information about the developer’s identity,
the certificate authority (usually a company such as VeriSign,
Inc.) that issued the certificate used to create the digital signa-
ture, and the signature’s expiration date. If the signature is valid,
you can designate that developer as a trusted publisher, and all
active content signed with the same certificate will be enabled.
If you know the source of the active content and trust its safety,
you can avoid this inconvenience. One way to do that is to store
the file in a folder that is designated as a trusted location . Any
file that you put in a trusted location can be opened without
being checked by the Trust Center security feature.
Trust a file location
1 Open the Trust Center as described in “Open the Trust Center set-
tings page” on page 382.
2 In the Trust Center dialog box, in the panel on the left, click the
Trusted Locations tab.
3 If you plan to trust a location on a network drive, select the check
box for Allow Trusted Locations On My Network.
4 Click the Add New Location button.
CAuTIon It is generally recommended that you not trust
network locations, and especially public folders, because of the
security risk that they represent.
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