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Setting privacy options
Change privacy settings for documents
1 Open the Trust Center as described in “Open the Trust Center set-
tings page” on page 382.
2 In the Trust Center dialog box, in the panel on the left, click the
Privacy Options tab.
3 In the Document-Specific Settings section, select or clear the check
boxes as desired.
The option Warn Before Printing, Saving Or Sending A File That
Contains Tracked Changes Or Comments is intended to remind you
that personal or confidential information might be in the docu-
ment, especially when you can’t see the information because of the
markup setting or because there are no changes or comments on
the current page.
If you clear the check box for Store Random Numbers To Improve
Combine Accuracy, you won’t be able to edit the document simul-
taneously with coauthors.
Selecting the Make Hidden Markup Visible When Opening Or
Saving check box also helps to prevent the release of sensitive
4 Click OK.
TIP An alternative to launching the Document Inspector from
the Backstage view (described in “Inspect a document” on page
392 ) is to click the Document Inspector button in the Privacy Options
dialog box.
TIP The Remove Personal Information From File Properties On
Save check box is available only if the document came from
Word 2003 or earlier and the equivalent option was selected in that
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