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Getting information about a document
getting information about a document
A Word file contains information about how the document was
created and modified as well as optional data that can help you
find the file later. You can see this information on the Info page
of the Backstage view. You can add or change text in some of
the document’s properties, such as the Subject and Tags entries.
Other properties, such as the document’s time and date of cre-
ation, are readable but not editable.
use the Info page
1 Click File and then click Info.
2 Click the Show All Properties link.
3 Move the cursor over each property value. When the cursor is
over an editable property, the cursor changes from an arrow to an
I-beam and a box appears around the property’s value. Click the
box to activate it for input.
4 Enter text in an editable property.
5 Save the document.
TIP You can use the properties Subject, Categories, and Tags
in the search box in File Explorer to locate files with specific
values. For example, searching for tags:biography finds all documents
that have a Tags property containing the word “biography.”
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