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Protecting a document by using a password
Protecting a document by using a password
You might have some documents that should never be opened
by unauthorized people. To protect such documents from
prying eyes, you can save them in an encrypted form that can’t
be opened without a password. Or, perhaps you want to create
a document that anyone can open and read, but you need to
restrict those people from making any changes unless they
know a password. With Word 2013, you can assign passwords of
either or both types.
Word will not open the document. If you try to read the docu-
ment file outside of Word, it just appears to be gibberish.
If someone tries to open a document that requires a password
to modify it, but he doesn’t have that password, the document
opens as read-only. In that case, editing is allowed but the doc-
ument cannot be saved in the original file; the user would need
to save the document to a new, separate file.
When someone tries to open an encrypted document, Word
requests the password. If the text the person enters is incorrect,
set a password to open or edit
1 Open an existing document or create a new document that you
want to password protect.
2 Click File to open the Backstage view and then click the Save As
tab. Select a location (such as Computer or SkyDrive) and select or
browse to the folder in which to save the file.
If this is the first time an unnamed document is being saved, the
Save command automatically opens the Save As tab of the Back-
stage view.
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