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Restricting editing and formatting
Restricting editing and formatting
If your project requires collecting documents from coauthors
to compile a larger document, it’s helpful to ensure that every-
one uses the same styles and that there is little or no direct
formatting if the text. With Word 2013, you can specify a set
of styles that are allowed and prevent any other formatting.
This arrangement works best when you create this formatting
restriction in a template and then distribute the template to the
Word also supports several ways to restrict editing. You can
ensure that all changes made in the document are tracked, you
can allow changes only in specified areas of the document, or
you can disable all changes except for comments.
Limit formatting to selected styles
1 On the Review tab, in the Protect group, click Restrict Editing.
2 In the Restrict Editing pane, select the Limit Formatting To A Selec-
tion Of Styles check box.
3 Click the Settings link.
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