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Restricting editing and formatting
4 In the Formatting Restrictions dialog box, in the list of styles, select
the check box next to any style that you want to allow to be used;
clear the check boxes for the styles that you want to restrict. Use
the All button or the None button to start with all styles allowed or
with all styles disabled.
5 In the Formatting section of the dialog box, select any of the three
check boxes, according to your preferences.
6 Click OK.
7 In the Restrict Editing pane, click the Yes, Start Enforcing Protection
8 If you want to require a password to turn off the formatting
restrictions, in the Start Enforcing Protection dialog box, enter the
password twice in the corresponding boxes. If you don’t want a
password, leave the boxes blank.
TIP The set of styles selected by clicking the Recommended
Minimum button is a good starting point, although you might
want to change that list for your document. The Normal style isn’t in
the list, because it is always allowed.
TIP When you apply formatting restrictions, all direct
formatting is disabled. To be able to apply character formatting
such as bold and italic, enable the corresponding character styles such
as Strong and Emphasis.
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