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Restricting editing and formatting
Limit the type of editing
1 On the Review tab, in the Protect group, click Restrict Editing.
2 In the Restrict Editing pane, select the Allow Only This Type Of Edit-
ing In The Document check box.
3 Click the list box below the check box and select one of the
Tracked Changes Behaves the same way as the Lock Tracking
command described in “Lock tracking” on page 356
Comments Disables all editing and formatting except adding,
deleting, or replying to comments
Filling In Forms Disables all editing and formatting except
within legacy form fields
no Changes (Read only) Disables all editing and formatting
4 If you selected either Comments or No Changes (Read Only) in step
3, the Exceptions section appears in the Restrict Editing pane. Select
one or more areas of the document (hold the Ctrl key while you
select noncontiguous areas) and then select the Everyone check
You can specify individuals instead of Everyone by clicking the More
Users link and entering their email addresses or domain names.
5 In the Restrict Editing pane, click the Yes, Start Enforcing Protection
button. In the Start Enforcing Protection dialog box that opens, if
you want to require a password to turn off the formatting restric-
tions, enter the password twice in the text boxes. If you don’t want
a password, leave the boxes blank.
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