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Marking a document as read-only or final
Marking a document as read-only or final
When you pass a document to other users, you might want
to indicate that the document is in its final form, and that no
changes should be made to it without authorization. Word 2013
offers two ways to specify this state.
the document opens in Read Mode. The user can switch to Print
Layout view and edit the document. However, if any changes
are made, the document can be saved only to a new, separate
file with a different file name(or the same name, but to a differ-
ent location).
When you make a document read-only recommended, anyone
who opens the document first sees the message The author
would like you to open this as read-only unless you need to make
changes. Open as read-only? If the user clicks the Yes button,
When you mark a document as final, all changes are disabled and
the document is also marked as read-only. The user must take
specific action to enable editing and saving of the document.
Make a document read-only recommended
1 Click File to display the Backstage view and then click the Save As
tab. Select a location (such as Computer or SkyDrive) and select or
browse to the folder in which to save the file.
If this is the first time an unnamed document is being saved, the
Save command automatically opens the Save As tab of the Back-
stage view.
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