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Saving documents
saving documents
Before you save a document for the first time, it exists only in
the computer’s memory and has a fake file name of Document
followed by a number. When you do save the document for the
first time, Word 2013 displays the Save As dialog box in which
you can choose the folder and file name you want.
If you edit an existing document and save it in the same folder
and with the same file name as before, it will replace whatever
was previously in the file. To keep both the old version and the
new version, you have to either give the new version a unique
name or choose a different folder, or both.
save a document for the first time
1 On the Quick Access Toolbar, click the Save button.
2 Under Places, click a location such as Computer or your SkyDrive
3 Click the folder you want if it appears in the Recent Folders list or
click Browse to locate another folder.
4 Type the file name that you want.
5 Click Save.
TIP The complete file path can be up to 260 characters long,
including the drive letter, all the folders and subfolders, the
file’s name and extension, and the backslashes between the parts. Be
aware that you can’t use any of the following characters in a file name:
\ / ? : * “ > < |
TIP After the first time you save the document, no dialog box
will appear when you click Save. You might see a progress
indicator in the status bar for a brief moment. It’s an excellent idea to
press Ctrl+S every time you stop to think about what to write next so
that you won’t accidentally lose the work you’ve already done.
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