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Using an app in a document
using an app in a document
In Word 2013, an App for Office opens a task pane that contains
the text boxes, buttons, or other objects that you use to work
with the app. Apps vary widely in the ways that they interact
with your documents. Typically, though, they accept any text
that you select in the document as their input, and they display
some text in the task pane as a result. You might be able to click
a button to make the task pane’s result replace the selected
text, or you might need to copy the result to the clipboard and
paste it where you want it.
Activate an app
1 On the Insert tab, in the Apps group, click the drop-down arrow on
the Apps For Office button.
2 If the app you want to activate appears in the drop-down list, click
its name and continue at step 5.
3 At the bottom of the Apps For Office drop-down list, click the See
All command. (Or, you can click the top part of the Apps For Office
4 Click the icon or name of the app that you want to activate and
then click the Insert button.
TIP To drag the task pane into the document area or dock it
to the other side of the Word window, hold your cursor over the
task pane’s title until it changes to a four-way arrow. You can then
move the pane where you want. Also, while the task pane is undocked,
you can drag its sides to resize it.
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