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Customizing the screen
2 Click any item on the shortcut menu to add or clear the check mark
to the left of the item.
3 Click anywhere outside the shortcut menu to dismiss it.
TIP The Formatted Page Number item shows the number that
would be displayed by a Page field on the current page. It is
affected by the restarted numbering that you can apply in the Format
Page Numbers dialog box. Conversely, the Page Number item shows
the count of pages from the beginning of the document to the current
page as well as the number of pages in the whole document.
show or minimize the ribbon
1 Right-click anywhere on the ribbon and then, on the shortcut menu
that appears, click Collapse The Ribbon.
When the ribbon is minimized, right-click any of the tabs and then,
on the shortcut menu, click Collapse The Ribbon to clear the check
mark to its left.
TIP Other ways of showing and hiding the ribbon include
clicking the up-arrow at the right end of the ribbon, pressing
the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F1, and double-clicking any tab.
sEE ALso For information about auto-hiding the ribbon, see
“Hide the ribbon” on page 15 .
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