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Customizing the keyboard
Customizing the keyboard
Much of the work that you do in Word 2013 typically consists
of typing text. When your hands are on the keyboard, it can be
time-consuming and disruptive to reach for the mouse to select
and format text, copy and paste, or do other tasks that involve
buttons on the ribbon. By remembering a small set of keyboard
shortcuts, you can greatly increase your efficiency.
also have default keyboard shortcuts. When you find that you
often use a command that doesn’t have a keyboard shortcut,
you can assign a shortcut of your own.
Keyboard shortcuts in Word aren’t limited to commands. You
can also assign keyboard shortcuts to macros, styles, fonts,
building blocks, and symbols.
There is a list of common built-in keyboard shortcuts in “Use
keyboard shortcuts” on page 18, and many other commands
Assign a keyboard shortcut to a command
1 Click File to display the Backstage view and then click the Options
tab. In the Word Options dialog box, in the left panel, click Custom-
ize Ribbon.
2 Toward the bottom of the dialog box, click the Customize button.
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