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Customizing the keyboard
Assign a shortcut to a symbol
1 If the symbol to which you want to assign a keyboard shortcut is
not one of those in the Common Symbols category, on the ribbon,
click the Insert tab. Then, in the Symbols group, click Symbol. At the
bottom of the drop-down gallery that appears, click More Symbols.
2 Click the Font list box and then click the name of the font that con-
tains the symbol you want.
3 Click the symbol that you want.
4 Click Shortcut Key.
5 In the Customize Keyboard dialog box, place the cursor in the Press
New Shortcut Key text box and then press the key or group of keys
that you want to use as the keyboard shortcut for the selected
6 Click Assign and then click Close.
TRY ThIs When you click a symbol in the Symbol dialog box, a
label next to the Shortcut Key button shows the built-in
keyboard shortcut (if any) for that symbol. For some symbols it is of the
form Alt+ number , which means that you hold the Alt key while typing
the number on the numeric keypad (with Num Lock turned on). For
other symbols it is of the form number , Alt+X , which means that you
type the number as ordinary text in the document and then press Alt+X.
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