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Exporting a document to other file types
Exporting a document to other file types
With Word 2013, you can save documents in many different
formats beyond the default (.docx). In particular, you can save
a document in the .doc format used by versions from Word 97
through Word 2003.
If you plan to send copies to other people who don’t need
to edit them, the Portable Document Format (PDF) is a good
choice, because almost every computer has a viewer for it. The
XML Paper Specification (XPS) has a similar purpose. Although
support for XPS isn’t as widespread as that of PDF, all Windows
7 and Windows 8 computers can view it.
Export to PDF or XPs format
1 Click File and then click Export.
2 Click Create PDF/XPS.
The Publish As PDF OR XPS dialog box opens.
3 Select the folder in which you want to save the exported file.
4 Accept the suggested name or enter a new name for the exported
5 If you want to save the file as something other than what’s shown in
Save As Type, select the desired file type from the drop-down list.
6 Change the options as needed.
7 Click Publish.
TIP Click the Options button to open a dialog box in which
you can choose which pages to include, whether to include
markup, and whether to protect the exported PDF file with a password.
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