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Creating a custom tab or group on the ribbon
Creating a custom tab or group on the ribbon
As you work in Word 2013, you might find that the arrangement
of tools on the ribbon tabs doesn’t match your preferences.
Instead of struggling to change your habits, you can change the
ribbon. You can add new groups to the existing tabs, and you
can create entirely new tabs, with just a few clicks.
You can’t add or remove tools in the built-in groups. However,
you can add a new custom group to an existing tab, and then
put the tools of your choice into that group.
Insert a new custom tab
1 Right-click anywhere on the ribbon and then, on the shortcut menu
that appears, click Customize The Ribbon.
2 In the Word Options dialog box, click New Tab to insert a new
custom tab in the list box on the right. The new custom tab auto-
matically contains one new custom group.
3 To change the order of the tabs, in the list box on the right, click a
tab’s name and then click the up-arrow or down-arrow to move the
tab within the list.
Click OK.
TIP If you move any other tab above the Home tab in the list,
that tab will be selected each time you start Word.
TIP You can hide any tab, either built-in or custom, by clearing
the check box next to its name on the Customize Ribbon page
of the Word Options dialog box.
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