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Setting spelling and grammar options
setting spelling and grammar options
The Proofing page of the Word Options dialog box is where you
can change the behavior of the spelling checker and the gram-
mar checker. You can decide whether you want Word to notify
you with red and blue squiggles whenever it detects a problem
or whether you prefer to run a manual check at your conve-
nience. You can determine which rules the grammar checker will
apply, and you can add or remove custom dictionaries.
The Proofing page also contains the AutoCorrect Options
button, which opens a separate dialog box. For a description of
the AutoCorrect and AutoFormat options, see “Set AutoCorrect
options” on page 73 and “Setting AutoFormat options” starting
on page 76.
Change the behavior of the spelling checker
1 Click File to display the Backstage view and then click the Options
tab. In the Word Options dialog box, in the left panel, click
2 In the When Correcting Spelling In Microsoft Office Programs
section, select the check boxes for at least the first four options. If
you select the Suggest From Main Dictionary Only check box, the
spelling checker won’t use any custom dictionaries that you have
3 Select or clear any of the check boxes in the When Correcting Spell-
ing And Grammar In Word section according to your preferences.
TIP To make the Show Readability Statistics check box
available, you must select the Check Grammar With Spelling
check box.
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