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Changing the default file format for saving documents
Changing the default file format for saving documents
When you save a document in Word 2013, you can choose one
of the many available file formats by clicking the Save As Type
list box in the Save As dialog box. If the format you choose most
often is not Word Document (*.docx), you can choose another
format as the default. For example, if many of the documents
you write will be sent to users who might not have a version
of Word later than Word 2003, you can choose Word 97-2003
(*.doc) as the default format. Then, you’ll need to change the
Save As Type list box only when you want to save a document in
some other file format.
set a default file format
1 Click File to display the Backstage view and then click the Options
tab. In the Word Options dialog box, in the left panel, click Save.
2 Click the Save Files In This Format list box and select the format you
want to use as the default for saving new documents.
3 Click OK.
sEE ALso For more information about choosing a file format
for a specific file, see “Change the file type” on page 27 .
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