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Recovering lost work
Recovering lost work
Have you ever suffered a power failure while you were working
on a document, or accidentally clicked No instead of Yes when
prompted to save your document while closing it? The good
news is that with Word 2013, you can almost always get your
work back!
document is available when you restart Word. If you shut down
Word normally, the AutoRecover file is deleted.
There’s another option to help you avoid losing work. If you
close a document that has changed, and you choose not to
save it, Word saves a copy of the file. If you realize you made a
mistake, even weeks later, you can open the file.
Word has an AutoRecover feature that saves your document
in the background at regular intervals. If your computer shuts
down or crashes while Word is open, the automatically saved
Configure AutoRecover
1 Click File and then click Options.
The Word Options dialog box opens.
2 Click Save.
3 Select the Save AutoRecover Information and the Keep The Last
Autosaved Version check boxes.
4 Set the AutoRecover interval to a time short enough that you prob-
ably wouldn’t mind having to redo that much work. The default is
10 minutes, but you might want a shorter interval.
5 Click OK.
CAuTIon If you close an unsaved document before the first
AutoRecover interval ends, there won’t be any autosaved file.
That’s a good reason to set a short interval.
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