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Managing styles
3 In the Manage Styles dialog box, click the Recommend tab.
4 Click the Sort Order list box and select the order in which you want
the list of styles in the Manage Styles dialog box to be sorted. If you
want the list box to contain only the recommended styles, select
the check box for Show Recommended Styles Only.
5 Click the name of a style in the list box or hold the Ctrl key while
clicking several names. Alternatively, click Select All or Select
6 Click Move Up to subtract 1 from the priority number of each
selected style, or click Move Down to add 1 to the priority number
of each selected style. Alternatively, you can click Make Last to
assign the last possible priority number to the selected styles, or
you can click Assign Value and enter the priority number that you
7 Click one of the following to change which styles appear in
the Styles pane when that pane is configured to display recom-
mended styles:
show Always display the style
hide until used Display the style only when it has been
applied to text in the document
hide Never display the style
8 To save your changes in the template on which the current doc-
ument is based, click the option New Documents Based On This
9 Click OK.
TIP The Restrict tab of the Manage Styles dialog box performs
the same function as the Formatting Restrictions section of the
Restrict Editing pane, described in “Limit formatting to selected styles”
on page 397 . The Manage Styles dialog box contains an option for New
Documents Based On This Template, which makes it useful for defining
restrictions for a template.
TRY ThIs In the Styles pane, right-click the name of any style.
If the style appears in the Quick Style gallery on the Home tab,
the shortcut menu in the Styles pane includes the command Remove
From Style Gallery. If the style doesn’t appear in the Quick Style gallery,
the shortcut menu includes the command Add To Style Gallery.
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